Wise up, feed forward.

Creative organizations are full of tremendous human potential. Influencers, innovators, makers and movers, motivating the masses to take actions that enhance our culture. I’m all about keeping these companies (and the people in them) thriving and focused on their purpose through systemic coaching. I specialize in working with creative organizations like design firms, architectural firms, ad agencies, and creative collaboratives. Together we will look at your organization’s opportunities and challenges and make the shifts necessary to keep you moving forward—wisely.

What is systemic coaching? It’s coaching that prioritizes working with the system of elements that surround an issue or person versus focusing on just the issue or the person. This type of coaching gets at the underlying, hidden dynamics that hold patterns of behavior in place, providing fresh insight and clarity that leads to enduring resolutions.

Acknowledge what is.

As a veteran of the advertising and design world, I have a unique approach. Combining coaching work with 20+ years as a designer, art director and creative director, my systemic process begins with creating a visual snapshot of your organizational system. I’ll show you what’s really going on by identifying and understanding the dynamics at play. Once we have a good look at ‘what is’, we’ll identify opportunities, fresh resources and potential new pathways to lasting resolutions.

Reframe and resolve.

Having an accurate and unbiased view of a situation that’s been brewing beneath the surface can be powerful. Visually mapping out challenges and opportunities is a way to identify and understand information that is sometimes elusive—illuminating where things are out of balance, out of order, or not quite in the right place. It also reveals potential stumbling blocks, and patterns that are no longer useful.

With everything mapped out in front of us we can clarify these insights and identify actionable solutions. We reframe ‘what is’ and shift to ‘what’s possible’—moving resolution into reality.

see shift.

Working together works like this: we begin with a conversation about your organization’s issue or goals. I’ll ask you questions that will help clarify how we’ll work together—typically a 3-12 month engagement. It’s entirely possible to grasp the scope of the issue and identify the resolutions very early on in the process. Shifts and movement can begin right away. Insights uncovered will be used to create lasting results.

See Shift When

introducing new leaders to your company culture

See Shift When

morale is low, turnover is high

See Shift When

a substantial new client wants substantial creative control

See Shift When

your organization is acquired and you want to retain workplace integrity

See Shift When

integrating new skill sets and talent with existing core strengths

See Shift When

you need a company vision everyone can rally around

See Shift When

You have a stuck issue, a persistent challenge, or troubled relationships

Anne helped me to focus on the immediate needs and set a course for tackling a huge to-do list. I continue to use the systems we developed today.

Susan Latoski – Executive Director, Women’s Foundation of Genesee Valley

Anne is able to confront your potential sticking points or hiding places firmly, but without judgment. The decisions she helps you craft are truly yours, and not imposed.

Ted Butcher – Architect

Anne slows you down enough to think about the big picture, the root of personal and professional motivations, and your values. It’s the stuff we rarely have time to think about, but should.

Amy Calabrese Metcalfe – Editor-in-Chief, POST Magazine

Anne was incredibly insightful. She helped me take steps to be more disciplined in how I market myself and run my business. She’s an objective and thoughtful thinker who will help guide you to a positive outcome.

Timothy Wainwright – Producer/Director/DP, icon films

Anne helped our team of creative supervisors get on the same page in terms of expectations, collaboration and delegation strategies—A Great launching point from which we can now take the creative quality and agency culture to a new high.

BRIAN RAPP – VP/CREATIVE DIRECTOR, Roberts communications
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